Watching The Making Of A Prodigy

I took Tanay Pratap's advice to not spend too much time learning how to invest. I hired a wealth manager through a mentor-friend, with a proven track record, and I am happily not caring about investments for time being. I told him that I had mentored people online this year – helped them learn to code. He asked me if I could guide his son, whenever he'd have any doubts or would need direction, on the weekends. I assented.

It's been a few weeks, and God I'm surprised and joyfully envious of this kid! The other day I showed him an abandoned project that I started in 2017, an attempt to make an online rich text editor for instagram poets who didn't like typing on mobile and wanted something barebones than canva. We had half an hour and no specific doubts left to clear. He said he wants to try to make it in half an hour. I let him do it. He started off with a textarea html tag. I told him the nuance that the rich text editor capabilities can't be made possible with textarea without a lot of hacking. He narrowed down the scope himself and said he'll make the rest of the things. Behold: Codesandbox

I can never be as smart as this kid and it makes me both delightful and a little sad. He's in 7th grade! And he knows what JavaScript variables, classes, functions are. He writes p5.js code, knows enough CSS to be able to hack together anything. My mind blows


when I think of what he'd be capable of when he goes to college and for the rest of his life.

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