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  1. Struggling Experiences At Hospitals

    Problems I faced with lack of information, administration, terrible schedules and lack of concern.
    tags: hospital , India , healthcare
  2. Where Does The Empathy Go?

    Stress, upbringing, lack of self awareness, money, indifference
    tags: empathy , people , lack
  3. Lack of Burning Desire of Dreaming Big

    It's been too long.
    tags: desire , ambition , lack , dream
  4. In The Moments Of Passing Quiet

    Sneak peak into the lives of strangers without talking, without knowing.
    tags: strangers , life , silence , eavesdropping
  5. The Overarching, Outreaching Hands Of Intuition — The Speaker Who Summons A Middle Path

    It's always there. Sometimes we act on it and fail. Sometimes we are afraid. Sometimes we don't know if that is it. What is it?
    tags: life , purpose , mind , desire
  6. Eavesdropping On Neighbours

    I sat down on my balcony documenting emotions of a monologue of a neighbour telling another neighbour how she was feeling leaving this place after 4 years.
    tags: neighbours , eavesdropping , emotions , children
  7. Eavesdropping On Kids

    There's nothing like listening to kids not wanting to go back home.
    tags: children , eavesdropping
  8. The Secret Behind A Mysterious Voice Calling A Certain Baby

    In this post I uncover a mysterious voice calling a baby every morning
    tags: mystery , morning
  9. Notes On Grief

    Reflecting and revisiting some of the things in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's book.
    tags: grief , death , life , book musing
  10. Why Is Sudarshan Kriya Like Brushing For The Body And Mind

    I explain what Sudarshan Kriya is poorly ( because you'll have to experience it to know it ), how it does the same thing for the body and mind, that brushing does for teeth, and wiping / washing does for the poop.
    tags: meditation , Sudarshan Kriya , cleansing

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