Netlify Astro DB PNPM Typescript Error

On netlify, I kept getting this error when trying to build my astro project:

6:17:37 PM: src/pages/dashboard/messages/index.astro:87:28 - error ts(7006): Parameter 'message' implicitly has an 'any' type.
6:17:37 PM: 87             { => {
6:17:37 PM:                               ~~~~~~~

In one of my astro files, in frontmatter, the messages was all rows from an astro db table:

const messages = await;

When I locally ran astro check there were no errors. astro check runs astro sync as well internally. astro sync generates all types for the astro db.

Looking at the build logs, I saw that netlify uses a particular version of 8 for pnpm. I had been using 9 locally. So I added the PNPM_VERSION environment variable to my netlify build settings.

Then I got a pnpm error:

6:56:03 PM:  ERR_PNPM_OUTDATED_LOCKFILE  Cannot install with "frozen-lockfile" because pnpm-lock.yaml is not up to date with package.json
6:56:03 PM: Note that in CI environments this setting is true by default. If you still need to run install in such cases, use "pnpm install --no-frozen-lockfile"
6:56:03 PM:     Failure reason:
6:56:03 PM:     specifiers in the lockfile 

I deleted the pnpm-lock.yaml file and ran pnpm install again.

Then the build passed.