Old Jems

An old office card and multi audio connector

An old office card and multi audio connector

I was trying to find something else in my hardware archives bag when I found these two things, an old office card, which I never gave to anyone, and a multi audio connector/audio splitter. The card says that I am a word nerd and a read-o-holic. That is true. I don't know why but I'm kind of proud of whoever's idea it was to add this section in the card. I like that that line says more about me than the purpose of the card itself. Not that I can compare the joys that programming and reading books bring. But I loved that the activity that I engage in the most in the world was written starkly. I could reel a person in more in books and stories than in discussions about software engineering and computers. I got lucky I guess, with an office contact card telling more about me than what I was and did at the job.

I bought the audio splitter after I saw the movie Begin Again. I was fascinated by the night that two platonic friends spent on the live streets of New York City. Especially the scene where they go into a club but with their audios jacked to one of their phones, shared through this splitter, with a sweet origin story, dancing uninhibitedly right there in the moment.

Splitter Scene: Begin Again

When I rewatch the movie, I dream of living in a city where people could be appreciated and encouraged to allow themselves to dance like that, listen to the music like that, connect to people, like that. Or perhaps I just need to take steps to make any city like that. Go out and make a fool out of myself, talk to people for no reason at all and see how it goes.

I'm lucky to have a person at home, who picks me up when I say that I'm not feeling like doing anything, when a lot has to be done, hits her dance playlist at the top of the house's voice, and then dance with me in the living room.