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  1. Palpitations And The Way Out?

    Writing freehand about dealing with palpitations I got today, an old friend and love moving on, a good friend who stuck around despite myself and helped me see myself through.
    tags: letting go , friends , palpitations , knowledge , love
  2. About The Strange Thing About Love

    What I see and feel when I read the poem 'The Strange Thing About Love' by Arundhathi Subramaniam and why this this poem so special.
    tags: poems , friends , priorities , self , dance
  3. Butterfly With A Third Wing; A Possibly Blind, Hypnotized or Drunk Pigeon; Memory Of An Old Friend

    About the time I accidentally almost interupped butterflies mating. Rendezvous with a possibly blind, hypnotized or drunken pigeon and memory of an old squirrel and school friend.
    tags: birds , personal essay , nature , friends , sunset

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