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  1. React Children, Iteration Methods And Their Limitations ↗️

    tags: React , opensource , writing , tech , smashingmagazine
  2. Creating An Outside Focus And Click Handler React Component ↗️

    tags: React , opensource , writing , tech , smashingmagazine
  3. Thinking About Writing As A Means Of Livelihood

    In this post, I muse over some of the thinking I've been doing lately about what it'll take for me to write fulltime and to figure ways out to have automatic passive income.
    tags: personal essay , writing , passive income , stories
  4. Changing Narration Voices and Tenses ft. Margaret Atwood and Shinjini Kumar

    In this article, I explore the advice Margaret Atwood gives about trying different narration voices, by applying it in on going first draft short story, and find inspiration from Shinjini's story with same first person narrative and simple present tense as used in my story.
    tags: writing , short fiction , tense , narration , voice

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