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  1. React Children, Iteration Methods And Their Limitations ↗️

    tags: React , opensource , writing , tech , smashingmagazine
  2. Workaround for _next/data URLs throwing 404, for multiple Next.js Apps Running On Same Domain

    When you have to use multiple Next.js on the same domain without having basepath for each app, it gets tricky to make **_next/data**
    tags: Nextjs , tech , code , JavaScript
  3. React's UI State Model vs Vanilla JavaScript DOM State — A Beginner's Introduction

    I was fortunate enough to start my front end career by actually using bare bones JS and CSS while we were trained 3/6 months. Others are not so lucky, they have to jump in on frameworks directly. In this post, I give a gentle introduction of React's state and component model by comparing it with vanilla JS, primarily intended for beginners.
    tags: React , JavaScript , beginnner , introdution , tech
  4. The Problem With Glorification Of Rockstar Culture In Tech

    Some of the common problems that I've observed in the companies and cultures I've worked in, and heard from friends around.
    tags: culture , tech , essay
  5. Learning to Teach ☀️

    Coming full ⭕️ – from a scared college graduate struggling to keep up, to helping others understand and learn technical concepts in a way that makes sense.
    tags: personal essay , life , learning , tech
  6. Time Traveling Learning

    Experiences at a new job, how it has taken a toll on health, how and why learning is compensating for it, and the escape plan.
    tags: learning , work , code , essay , tech
  7. Observations and Experiences Earning Money Through Codementor

    Some observations about people learning to code on codementor.io platform and experiences earning some side money mentoring people on it.
    tags: side hustle , second income , money , code , mentoring , foundation , tech
  8. Creating An Outside Focus And Click Handler React Component ↗️

    tags: React , opensource , writing , tech , smashingmagazine

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