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  1. Learning to Teach ☀️

    Coming full ⭕️ – from a scared college graduate struggling to keep up, to helping others understand and learn technical concepts in a way that makes sense.
    tags: personal essay , life , learning , tech
  2. The 💩 Incidents

    In this short article I remember the moments where I had strange encounters with my 💩.
    tags: personal essay , poop , humour , toilet
  3. Thinking About Writing As A Means Of Livelihood

    In this post, I muse over some of the thinking I've been doing lately about what it'll take for me to write fulltime and to figure ways out to have automatic passive income.
    tags: personal essay , writing , passive income , stories
  4. Butterfly With A Third Wing; A Possibly Blind, Hypnotized or Drunk Pigeon; Memory Of An Old Friend

    About the time I accidentally almost interupped butterflies mating. Rendezvous with a possibly blind, hypnotized or drunken pigeon and memory of an old squirrel and school friend.
    tags: birds , personal essay , nature , friends , sunset
  5. Being Useful ft. A Hungry Bird And Being Truthful To Myself

    A story about when I wasn't feeling well and I saw an opportunity to be useful to a bird and acted on it. Thoughts about writing to introspect, learn from retrospect and plan.
    tags: personal essay , bird , service , gratitude , truth

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